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Mission Statement

At U.S Soccer Scholarships, our mission is to be the industry leader for American college soccer player recruitment in terms of offering the most comprehensive service and valuable player support.

Our Recruitment Proccess

U.S Soccer Scholarships offers only a limited amount of places on its American soccer scholarship recruitment programme each year to ensure that every single player receives the time and attention that is required to give them the best possible opportunity of playing soccer in the USA.

We work with male and female student-athletes, starting from as young as 16 years old, assisting them with finding and gaining acceptance to the American university that best fits their playing and intellectual capabilities.

To be considered for a place on our selective USA programme you must first and foremost complete the U.S Soccer Scholarships free online application >>

Our Extensive Services

At U.S Soccer Scholarships, we offer a comprehensive selection of services that assist players in their search for a college/university in the USA. All our services are designed to assist our clients through the complex process of securing a place at an American college and are based on their individual capabilities and preferences.

The key factors that influence our search in finding a suitable U.S college for a player are: academic and athletic level, location, climate, school size, and their desired degree.

Below is a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of the services that we deliver to our clients:

Academic and athletic eligibility pre-qualification
Once a player has submitted their online application our expert team will review their athletic and academic soccer eligibility to determine whether or not they can proceed to the next stage of our U.S recruiting process.

Creation of client's athletic and academic resume
For all successful applicants we create a unique player profile that highlights all their key athletic and academic attributes, which is easily accessible to our entire database of registered American soccer coaches.

Video editing and processing
Our digital media team have years of experience developing and editing video content, and they process player’s highlights to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity of impressing American collegiate coaches.

Personality profiling and reports
Unlike any other soccer reruitment organisation worldwide we offer players the unique opportunity to have a personality profile created that will provide U.S coaches with further insight into their characteristics and fit to team. The test is administered by a professional training and coaching company based in the UK called Coast Consulting

Promotion of client's resume to our network of USA coaches
U.S Soccer Scholarships registered players will not only have an online player profile created but they will also have their information and highlights circulated to all relevant USA coaches within our collegiate network.

Daily management of U.S coach communication
Every U.S Soccer Scholarship player is assigned their own personal recruitment consultant from our specialist team who manages all communications with interested American coaches on a daily basis.

Review of USA colleges interest and offers
As and when we receive interest from U.S coaches players are immediately notified of this by their appointed U.S Soccer Scholarship representative who in turn helps them decide which American college is most suitable for them.

Advise client of admissions requirements
Our extremely knowledgeable team assist registered players with all admission requirements including guidance with: NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse enrolment, obtaining an F1 student visa, booking U.S Embassy appointments and American entrance examinations, submitting SEVIS forms and all other relevant supporting documentation.

Examination support and tutoring
As proven academics in the American education system our team can provide invaluable guidance to collegiate players to help them succeed in the classroom as well as on the soccer field.

Ongoing Career Support
We can potentially assist players by helping them secure soccer playing opportunities both in the UK and U.S once they complete their college scholarship. We have FA registered agents that work with us closely, as well as professional American coaches.

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