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American Soccer Player

Gelson Fernandes

Clubs: Manchester City F.C

"In most countries athletic scholarships are rare or non-existent. Having the opportunity to continue your playing career in the U.S while obtaining a degree is incredible and I fully endorse the great work that the team at U.S Soccer Scholarships do in helping young boys and girls achieve this."

 USA Soccer Player

Jordan Rhodes

Clubs: Blackburn Rovers F.C

"I played with Liam for many years as a youth player, he has a great knowledge and understanding of the game. A scholarship is a perfect opportunity to play in another country and continue your playing career at a good level. I know that Liam and the U.S Soccer Scholarships team can provide players with all the information and support they need."

US Soccer Player

Reggie Lambe

Clubs: Toronto F.C

"Liam and I played together at Ipswich Town before I moved to the MLS. He has great experience both as a player and coach and has a vast amount of connections in the professional game and U.S collegiate system."

American Scholarships Player

Tommy Smith

Clubs: Ipswich Town F.C

"I know Liam very well from our time playing together at Ipswich Town and would wholeheartedly endorse him for his knowledge of the game. A scholarship is a great way to earn a degree and play football at a good level at the same time. If I hadn't made it as a professional, I would definitely have looked to do a soccer scholarship in the USA."

US Soccer Scholarships Testimonial

Kevin Horlock

Coach, Nothern Ireland U21’s
Played at Manchester City

"I played with Liam at Ipswich and fully endorse the work him and the U.S Soccer Scholarships team are doing. They have helped a number of players I work with and provide a thoroughly professional service, utilising their expert knowledge and network of professional coaches."

Ed Upson US Soccer Scholarships

Ed Upson

Clubs: Millwall F.C

"I played with Liam at Ipswich Town for many years, he has an exceptional understanding of the game from both a player’s and coach’s perspective. Being able to earn a degree while continuing your playing career in the USA is an amazing concept and I have no doubt that Liam can give you the best opportunity of being able to do so."

US Soccer Scholarships Coach

Julianne Sitch

Clubs: Chicago Red Stars

“The USA is undeniably the world’s premier stage for women’s soccer. Being able to play soccer at an American college gives you the opportunity to play alongside and against some of the best and most talented upcoming players. I unreservedly endorse the work that the U.S Soccer Scholarships team are doing in helping UK players enhance their careers in the states and equally as important further their education.”

American Soccer Scholarships Coach

Dennis Hamlet

Coach, New York Red Bulls (MLS)

"I coached Liam during my time as head coach at the Illinois Institute of Technology before returning to the MLS. He is someone that possesses extremely high levels of professionalism, determination and soccer intelligence."

American Soccer Scholarships Coach

Nathan Mason

Coach, William Woods University, (NAIA)

"Liam and the U.S SS team are extremely professional and from my experiences only assist top level players. I most definitely endorse their services, they have all the knowledge and expertise a player requires when making the transition from the U.K to the U.S."

Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence

Coach, Ipswich Town F.C Ladies

"A US Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for both males & females to get a first class education and degree, whilst playing the game that they love and to realise their dreams. Liam is himself a big success story, having been through the whole process himself, so is in the ideal position with the team at US Soccer Scholarships to help guide others on their quest."

USA Soccer Scholarships Coach

Marc Colwell

Head Coach, Illinois Institute of Technology (NCAA)

“Liam Barrett was a stand-out player for us at Illinois Tech for four years. He was an All-American and was twice named conference Player of the Year and completed his studies in the USA with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Liam is the ideal person to work with when looking to come to the USA for a degree and to play collegiate soccer. He competed at a very high level in soccer and knows what it takes to be successful in the classroom.”

US Soccer Scholarships Coach

David Strother

Head Coach, Copiah-Lincoln (NJCAA)

“I had the privilege to work with Liam during his time in the USA. Liam graduated with the highest academic honors and found equal success on the field. He was twice Academic All-American of the Year and is a two-time NAIA All-American. He understands what it takes to find success and it is because of this that I highly endorse him and the U.S SS team. Under their guidance they will ensure you find the right opportunity to flourish in your studies and U.S soccer career.”

I am privileged to have played and worked alongside some truly exceptional professional players and coaches during my career both in the UK and the U.S, many of which are connections that we at U.S Soccer Scholarships utilise to help find the right school for each and every player.

Liam Barrett US Soccer Scholarships

Liam Barrett

Owner U.S SS